We create creative dynamic content for some of the world’s most admired brands.
Our team of writers, directors, producers, and cinematographers handles projects of nearly every scale and genre.
We have the experience and equipment necessary to bring your vision to life and have it stand out from the crowd.
You are unique…so why should your video productions look average?



Bride and Blossom
MakeUp For Ever
Nokia Mix Radio
Rode NYC - Reel Estate

Music videos

Noyz Narcos - Attica 6 000 000 Views+
Giuseppe Giofre - Break 4000 000 Views
Varya flying bird Music Video
Summer is coming Kayloo ft Clara Casey


Plan It Day - The drum
Nike SB - Skate Every Damn Day
BTS regina fotoshoot
Nike - Just Dunk it


INSIDE JOB - 8jtv 50 000 Views+
The Morning After
Intense motivational workout
When Cheating Goes Wrong


In order to make your vision come true, Steady Media provides multiple services for it.
We are able to provide most services in house from a simple idea to a magnificent final product.

Cinematography & Photography
Take your event or business to the next level with our outstanding cinematography and photography services. Using only the best tech and crew members we will make your vision a reality
Post production
From editing your project to animate content or flawless color correction work. We handle every aspect of the post production.
Directing - Writing
You have a concept, an Idea ? Let us handle the directing aspect of it with you. We will drive you through all the technicality of the project and apply our well experienced expertise to it in order to create a neat and professional final product.


Over the past 5 years, a multitude of the most important brand in the world have trusted us for their projects. Why not you ?

And we will get in touch as son as possible.

E-mail: quizzcode@gmail.com Phone: (202) 304 4873

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